Lupus Awareness Month

May is Lupus Awareness Month and although it isn’t an illness that has touched me and my family personally, but it is one that I have seen a couple of my friends hurt and affected by it severely. It is more severe and brutal than people think it is. There is a game on that challenges you to test your knowledge, and for each time you complete a level the National Board Chairs family makes a donation towards Lupus research. Here are some surprising and hair raising facts I learned by playing

  1. Women make up about 90% of all those who suffer with Lupus. And develop symptoms between the ages of 15 and 44.
  2. It is called “The Cruel Mystery” because it comes out of nowhere has a range of symptoms and has not known cause or cure.
  3. The medications used to treat the disease can cause increased rates of heart disease, seizure, infection, and inflammation of the lungs.
  4. The beautiful purple butterfly that is used as a symbol is not because It’s pretty. See fact number 5
  5. About 30% of patients develop what is called a butterfly rash across the bridge of their nose.

I scored 56% on the first level of the game on (Terrible score but I learned so much). I also learned that on average it takes about 6 years for a patient to be diagnosed once they have developed symptoms. That’s a long time. I want to encourage everyone to be aware play the game and know the facts.

~Elephant Hugs & Violet Kisses~