Darkest Before Dawn

Sometimes life can be hard

And you’ll feel like you have nothing else to give

Please know there will be many, many times when you will want to throw in the towel

But you’ve got to hang in there baby

It may seem like the walls are closing in on you from all sides

And you feel like you’re drowning with no life preserver in sight

Just keep treading baby, until your very last breath

They aren’t paying you your worth

And your resentment and anger grows

You see others prospering

Those who you know first hand don’t really deserve it and you question God

Like, Don’t I deserve… Am I not worth… Haven’t I been faithful…?

In moments like these it is important to refocus and count your blessings

Because it could always be worse

You could NOT be living

You could not have a job

Reset your focus and work towards the end goal