The Prodigal Daughter



I was born in a place of hopelessness and utter desperation

Where darkness engulfs the body and overtakes the soul

Crying babies, alcohol and smoke hazes

Broken beer bottles, stray dogs and train tracks

And 10 minutes down the street is Scott’s bakery

Where after school we would get the best beef patties and coco bites with cheese

I’m from a place where the rich get wealthier

And who the hell knows how the poor are even staying afloat

Where politicians only make appearances in parades and scheme about turning our homes into condos for their cohorts

They only come to the North End to pretend they care when it’s re election time

I’m from a place of talent and beauty

Where the youth are misguided so often

They don’t even see how dope they truly are

I am from a place where if you believe and work hard enough

One can transcend

And return with the tools to help rebuild

One day; I’m coming home