The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Panama City Beach Mini VACAY

Last week was a rough week I must say. Work was stressful and my house was and still is by the way, a mess:(. So on Friday when I got a text from my husband saying “get packed”. I just continued laying my tired body on our couch until he walked through the door. 

I figured I might as well pack when he got home so we could avoid me having an attitude having to wait on him to pack. So, when he finally got home I was sleep and they boys were watching Sesame Street. I got up grabbed my backpack and threw their swim shorts and four outfit options for them and only one and a half for myself with plenty of underwear options and our toiletries and we were ready!

The hotel was beautiful it was more like an apartment with a kitchen, high ceilings and the boys loved having a bunk bed (even though they both slept on the bottom, with pillows at all potential roll points)! The highlight of the trip was probably both times we went to the beach. Martin took Micah out and basically threw my child in the ocean but he did so good! Even though I was mortified. Mason stayed with me we didn’t go to far in because mommy is 5’1 and we don’t play in the ocean and he was comfortable with that. The boys also chased seagulls up and down the beach with sticks yelling “come hear bird”. It was hilarious!

We had a great time here are some photos!



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    1. Sissy!! I swear I was thinking about you the other day and I couldn’t find you on social media:( thank you my love!

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