Nail Shop Bullies




Today was the first time in maybe over a year I actually went to a nail shop to get a pedicure. While there I decided to check my email and my husband sent me videos of our trip to Florida. So I watched and listened to them. While doing so I was asked by the woman next to me to “please turn it down because it was loud.l

I quickly said, I’m sorry I was watching videos of my children. But after a moment her words and her tone really bothered me and sat with me. Now usually in this type of situation I wouldn’t say anything further. But in this moment I couldn’t bite my tongue. I politely leaned forward and told her “you know what you said really bothered me, the sound wasn’t even that loud and I was watching my kids.” She proceeded to get indignat and said “well I have videos of my kids too” I said “well that’s great” and that was that.

I just couldn’t let someone talk to me and make me feel the way she did. I am a grown ass woman, paying this establishment to do my pedicure just like you lady. I have two year old twin boys, a husband and a stressful job probably like you too. If the owners did not ask me to turn down my 5 second videos, what right do you have to even be speaking to me? We are all patrons and it’s a free damn country. I just can’t with people.