Love & Junk

I am a hopeless romantic; I believe in love, I believe that it endures all things. I believe in soul mates. I believe that there is one person in this world that our soul belongs too. I also believe that our soul mate may not always be romantic in nature, just someone who gets you, and see’s you like no one else can or will. But I don’t believe that anyone can or should make you whole. I believe that is a task for yourself and God.

I am married and although I love my husband more than I think he knows, I also know that he does not make me whole, he is not my entire world but instead just a very (and I mean very) important part of it. Some people may think that if that’s the case it’s not real or deep enough, but to me it’s actually more than enough. My husband compliments me he is an extra OOMPH, he is like the cherry on top of a perfectly good Sundae, bonus points on a test, or that curve a teacher throws in to help out students grades (weird metaphors I know), but the point is I’m good by myself. In fact I’m damn good, I’m extraordinary by myself.

Our world uses so many cute little sayings like “you complete me” and “my better half” which are all really nice to say. However, I think we have said it so much we start to convince ourselves and our children subsequently that we NEED someone to complete us. Especially, our young girls, we teach them that marriage and a good man are something to aspire to. As a raiser of a tiny female human I want to teach her more than that. My daughter is a masterpiece and she will be a masterpiece long before and long after anyone comes to tell her so. THAT is what I want her to carry with her that is what I want her to believe. It is my job to make sure that while she is seeing this and making it true for herself that she learns not to carry an air of arrogance around with her, not to make sure people like her, but to make sure that she is humbled secure with the masterpiece that she instead of making others think they are less than.

We want to believe that we are enough, so why do we constantly think we need to find someone else to make us whole? I loved exceptionally hard and I’ve given too much of myself to the wrong person and thought that I needed someone to complete me but that was a part of growing up for me. I know better now. Like I said I’m extraordinary by myself. And you are too.


Elephant Hugs & Violet Kisses