The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: The M&M’s turn 3 years old

It seems like their birthday is starting to creep up on me every year. I half jokingly say that “I did not plan my pregnancy right because their birthday is two weeks after Christmas”:( It’s always crazy and busy and this year I made up in my mind that we were not really going to do anything to extravagant because of budget restraints. I planned to bake cupcakes for the boys and their classmates at daycare and that was going to be it.

But as I laid in my bed on Wednesday night last week, I said to myself “Self you can not, not do nothing for their birthday”, that mommy guilt set in heavy. So I did some research on some free/somewhat cost efficient events we could attend. And  decided to share with friends and family. See below:

Day One

We attended the High Museum of Art; admission was free to Bank of America, Merril Lynch Customers as well as Fulton County Residents. We had a great time my cousins joined us and some of my line sisters came out!


We went to eat at IHOP afterwards and to our surprise (kids ate for free) ?? insert Kanye voice here #wayyupifeelblessed:). My children ate everything in sight and had lots of fun with their big cousins it was a great day!

Day Two

We went to Family Fun Day at the Woodruff Arts Center. Every Sunday from 1-4pm they offer various family centered activities. Such as, Family Yoga, Puppet Making, Music Discovery and so much more! It was lots to do and the kids were so engaged! 

They loved this guy in the costume so much!


Day Two didn’t end for me until about 2am, Monday morning. As I was up baking for the boys and their classmates. I made a total of 48 cupcakes.

I was going for a Mickey Mouse theme (hopefully you can tell). I used Pillsbury Funfetti and Devils food for the cakes, the frosting was classic white vanilla. While Mickeys ears were achieved by mini Oreos (halved).

The vintage Mickey Mouse cupcake wrappers were a free party printable that can be downloaded on the site: Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party with FREE PARTY PRINTABLES!!

I scaled the wrapped to fit my cupcakes and used double sided tape to hold them together! I was very happy with the finished product.

Day Three

My babies woke up  to these (Burger King Crowns) that I spray painted on Saturday night with my trusted white paint. Sunday evening I let the boys color and add their own personal touches with washable markers! #IAMRAISINGKINGS

img_0583 by .

They both were tired because they had a very long weekend but once everybody was up and moving everything was awesome!



My husband and I went by their school after nap time and gave they kids the cupcakes! They all loved them!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my bambinos. Words cannot express how I feel about these little monsters. I never knew I could love little people as much as I do these two!

More Photos to come!!