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Happy 2016!! I would like to take the time out to acknowledge that I have not mistakenly written 2015 not even once since new year’s day. However, it’s only the 5th and there is still plenty of time to make mistakes. But I digress.

Typically, I loathe the idea of a resolution. Waiting until the 1st of the New Year to say that you are going to do something or improve is a little silly to me (but to each its own). BUT I did make a resolution for my daughter this year which is that she will no longer be a thumb sucker.

My now three-year-old daughter started sucking her thumb one random night when she realized that she could never lose her thumb and that she could put her thumb in her mouth faster than I could replace her ‘paci’. Admittedly I let the habit form and develop because quite frankly I was a new mom and my child was finally sleeping for good lengths of time all because she found a way to soothe herself. So ignoring my mother’s warning I deemed the thumb sucking cute and let her do her thing. But I knew one day it would have to end and I told myself that once the bustle of the holidays is over we would settle back into our routine minus the thumb sucking and I’m proud to say that so far so good. But like I said before there is still plenty of time to make mistakes and for her to fall back on her good old dependable thumb to help her fall asleep or calm her when she is upset.

Until then though Mavala Stop will continue to be applied to her thumb twice a day. Once in the morning before our day care drop off ad once before bed. Some people may think its cruel to do this but that’s quite alright because everyone parents differently. I have tried the thumb guard and it was a waste of money because it only frustrated her and she could wiggle out of it. The disgusting taste of this stuff (I’ve tried it myself) is quickly teaching her that putting her thumb in her mouth is a bad idea since it doesn’t go away without drinking or eating something.

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I bought this product from Amazon for about $12, a family member of mine used it on their daughter who kicked the habit and I hope my little one follows suite.

So wish me luck on the only resolution I have made for 2016.


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