Thank you

Material Mayhem was a brainchild that started in a very tiny Las Vegas hotel room in 2010. It’s main idea has changed and morphed various times since its conception. However, this blog came into fruition in 2013 after I had given birth to my sons. When I was at home with cabin fever feeling alone, at my wits end suffering from horrible post partum depression. 

Since then I have had great contributors who have shared their thoughts, expertise, personal experiences and visions. And the readers and followers have grown tremendously and span multiple continents. Which still leaves me in awe, it’s so amazing! Thank you all for tuning in and allowing my sounding board to play some sort of part in your lives. As I grow and reevaluate my life and purpose by finally listing to God. I continue to invite you in to my space and promise to write and provide meaningful and transparent pieces that hopefully move within you.

Thank you all for riding with me. Here’s to coming out of the brokenness and walking into all that God has designed for us no matter how fearful we are of the greatness that lies within.