When the Well Runs Dry

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I have been having this inner struggle, that consists of the following inner monologue:

“What are you here for? What do you want to be?”

Most of my life I have been the confidant for everyone I have come into contact with, from my mother to friends and sometimes even complete strangers. As a child it forced me to become older and emotionally take on more than I should have. When I got a little older I tried to run from it. Now when people share their life stories with me, sometimes out of no where. While listening, I ask God “Ok, what is it that you want me to say to this person? How can I encourage her/ him? What would you like me to take from them?” 

I realize now that I have a gift. The power to disarm and provide a listening ear for them to share their deepest and darkest moments with me is certainly a privilege. However, it is also a very lonely path because I have no one who provides me the same refuge. It’s frustrating and saddens me that I try to speak life into people but they don’t seem to do the same for me… What do you do when your well runs dry?