The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Top 5 Mommy Confessions

5. I usually arrive early to my destinations however, if “Formation” by Beyoncé or “I Just Want to be Happy” by Kirk Franklin come on the radio, I’m staying in my car until the completion of the song. #sorrynotsorry???

4. I do not utilize the HOV lane as much as I should. I sometimes forget I’m a mother of twins??. #thatlanewasmadeformeright?

3. I have forgotten to strap a child or two in their car seat ? (only once or twice, forgive me Lord) #pleasedontcalldfacs #imreallyagoodmom

2. I tell my children alligators are chasing us to make them walk faster ? #dontjudgeme #threeyearoldsaresoSlowonpurpose???

1. I follow Sesame Street on Instagram, and not just for the benefit of my sons?…and I’m not ashamed.