Happy Bday Lauryn

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Dear Lauryn, 

Your music and voice have inspired me since “Blunted on Reality”. The crazy thing is that “The Miseducation…” is permantly in my deck right now. “I Used to Love Him” skips everytime it plays because the CD is so worn out. You provided the soundtrack for my youth. Therefore, I chose to remember your legacy and not the behavior that you have exhibited in more recent years. Like most of your fans I am interested and thirsting for new music and creativity. I would love to see your growth as a woman and mother. Come back L.

Words to Live By

“Do not take on other peoples personal baggage especially when you’ve got your own. And do not put yours on anybody else’s back either. Carry your own weight!”


Today’s Inspiration 

“You always have to put out to the universe what your dream is—that is in part how they become actualized.” ​

~Isabella Boylston

The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Never Scared

Know that you are your child’s first advocate. Never let anyone or anything make you feel like you should not be a champion for your children. It’s not about feelings or belittling other people it’s about your offspring. Creating stability, insuring growth, learning and love for them. Never be afraid to speak up when it’s not right.