My Voice a memoir by Angie Martinez Highlights ?

I have literally been an Angie Mar fan since 2000. I heard her voice when I was probably 12 years old on a trip going back to CT from NY with my Delinda, and I loved her from that moment. I owned “Up Close and Personal”, my favorite song was “Every Little Girls” and I swore I was Puerto Rican (my best friend was so I pretended) LOL. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I caught her interview with The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, promoting her upcoming book, I knew I had to get it.  So on Saturday morning, I took the boys to Barnes & Noble for a free story time. Furthermore, I ended up walking out of the building with a $95.00 bill. They walked out with brand new Cookie Monster and Ernie stuffed animals and I walked out with two books for myself. When I got home I began reading and have been glued to it- I finished reading it in 5 days? (I haven’t been this invested in a book since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- #imsorry)! This beautiful piece was carefully woven together, it was an ode to hip hop for lovers of the culture and included stunning reflections of her journey and growth as a woman. There are So many gems in this book and I admire her for being so candid. Here were just some of my favorites that stuck out:

15 Life Lessons From Angie

  1. “Even when I didn’t love something, that never kept me from having a healthy enough work ethic to get past the discomfort.”
  2. “I show up and do today, deliver today and move forward.”
  3. “You show up, you go fort all the way. And then you sink or swim.”
  4. “…rather than being so hard on myself. I should have let that moment be what it was. Sometimes you have to get past the fears and insecurities that may actually hold you back from being great or from truly experiencing something the way it was to be experienced.”
  5. “…noise is just noise, good or bad. I just had to know that this was one of those times and it would pass. In these moments, I always try to get quiet and stay focused on whatever matters most in the long run.”
  6. “Yes, you can mourn things when they’re gone, but also, you ultimately have to embrace change. Keep trying to use the things that you learned and implement them in new ways.
  7. “The thing that people rarely tell you is that having a baby is a big fucking deal. Sure people do it all the time, so the attitude tends to be, Oh it’s just a baby. No it’s a big deal. The media makes it look like, She bounced back in two weeks and she’s a size zero! she’s back at work three says after having a baby! You see all these new moms out brunching. Those women are aliens. I always tell my friends who are new moms, “Don’t compare yourself to the aliens.” God bless them;they inspire me. But for most women, it does not work like that. “
  8. “Reality is that you feel like shit. Your body is different. Your life is different. It’s amazing and phenomenal and overwhelming and emotional, but it is a legitimate change and by no means a small one.”
  9. “In every way I felt disconnected from myself.”
  10. “…everything leads to something that even the losses can become material to grow from later.”
  11. “All of sudden I was transforming into this domestic person because I thought that was what my life was supposed to be now. And it was uncomfortable for me. Reality check okay, well, what’s real here? What’s happening? I start contemplating. what is inspiring me? Then I realized: Oh nothing.”
  12. “whenever you’re making a dramatic change in your life, when it’s a big deal, it happens in stages. First you acknowledge that whatever is happening isn’t working… And then you have to acknowledge that you’re going to do something about it.”
  13. “Let me ask you this: Who is worried about you and your well being?Why do you feel like it’s not as important to worry about yourself as it is everybody else? Where do you put yourself in that equation?
  14. “Why do I not value myself enough to take care of myself the same way I did everybody else?”
  15. “You set yourself up to be less than happy, less than worthy, less than anything. And you’re teaching everybody else how to treat you.”

This was a wonderful coming of age story and I definitely recommend that you guys add this to your summer reading! ??

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