Dear Wayne, Get off the Block

Here’s my issue with Lil Wayne he has never been one you should take advice from or expect to stand up on injustices against African American people. He has not been an avid supporter of anything that advances our phlight. I mean he spent a good 8 minutes and 30 seconds saying F**** Al Sharpton (different story, another time) on The Carter III and like sheep πŸ‘ we laughed and loved it. 

So why are we all appalled by this recent revelation he shared on Nightline?   “I’m a young black rich m***f***er! If that don’t let you know America understand black m***f***ers matter these days, I don’t know what what it is…”πŸ˜‘. I mean he said he was an alien πŸ‘½ years ago! But do not be confused that man is not here to be a voice for you or me and I fear for his sons. Please make a mental note πŸ“ he is just here for your entertainment

Maybe we are disappointed because for many of us in our hearts he will always be “Hot Boy Wayne from Nola” we thought deep down he was one for us. We thought wrong people! Nevertheless, be reminded he told us his truth over and over prior to this interviewπŸ˜’πŸ˜“. When you use Emmit Till in your rhymes and metaphors to try to get a hot line I mean it shows who and what you stand for.  

Wayne I’m not surprised but rather disgusted. It’s that type of attitude that keeps African Americans divided and teaches our youth to perpetuate this selfish attitude of “if it isn’t relevant in my life right now, it doesn’t and won’t ever affect me.” But young rich black man you are not far removed. You’re money didn’t protect you from going to jail on a gun charge, did it? Nah BRUH. Remember when it all falls down “even if you in a benz, you still a n***a in a coupe”.