The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: January 4th

This is a day the will for the rest of my existence bring me so much joy, my little ones are 4 years old! As I sit back and try to reflect and think 💭 about where time is going, I recall everyone saying to “cherish this time because it flies by”, and lord they were right. How, Where, When did this happen, I have two 4 year olds? 

This morning I went to take some pictures and my phone📱rudely  alerted me that I could not take anymore because I had no space available 🙄. So I began to look through and make hard decisions on what had to go and what I could just not live without and I came across all the old videos of them as babies and I was in my feelings😓😓😩. It is truly amazing how fast 💨 my bambinos are growing:(. 



​​I remember it like it was yesterday, the nurse and the anestholgist arguing with one another infront of me about the placement of my epidural (thank you lord for thank you for those 🍃🌿👌🏽). And I remember yelling at the nurses and waiting for them to teach me how to breast feed my child that was in the NICU. I remember bringing them home from the hospital and them screaming the entire drive 😓 😳.

You all have taught me so much and continue to make me a better woman. You both are so smart and loving I am in awe. Thank you husband for giving me these little monsters and being my partner💙! I cannot wait to see what life has in store for you two!  Happy bday my loves💙🎁🎈🎂!