It’s funny that this conversation is actually relevant in the media today, as I wrote this piece weeks ago.

Every morning I wake up and I go to an office where I am the only person of color. Most times I find it very lonely and I often feel as though I am on the outside looking in. I have been there for almost four years however, I still feel like a visitor.  Don’t get me wrong I  am thankful for my job it’s low maintenance, I have freedom and there is minimal drama or mind games. But there are many times I feel disrespected or looked over. 

For example, the men at my job make various inappropriate comments regarding race, religion and gender often. When there are issues plaguing the African American community no one discusses them or says a word to me the day after something horrific has happened. Or when someone decides to take my parking space when I go to get lunch as if I’m not returning to my job. This maybe minuet but it’s the principle, like I’ve been an employee here for 4 years I think I’ve at least earned a parking spot. Or having to beg for information when their should be the utmost transparency especially when it’s directly connected to the success of the business, maybe I expect to much. 

Worst of all I have to for all intents purposes grovel for a salary increase and justify why I deserve it, all while made to feel as though maybe I don’t deserve one. I am usually the first to arrive and the last one to leave. My quality of work has not faltered in my tenure, I am thorough and a hard worker. Why is my work ethic and dedication not acknowledged or appreciated?