The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: DIY Project- Chalk Board

I wish I did a before picture so you could see but my phone was upstairs and I had already gone down the rabbit hole of beginning to spray paint. My heart dropped when I started with a black line on my beautiful, clean white wall, kind of like my freshman year in college when I decided to cut my hair into that asymmetrical bob like Kelis’ from the “Bossy” video.😩 

However, just like I declared in that moment when the stylist razored the left side of my head, “don’t worry your hair will grow back”. If I f***ed up this wall it could be painted back to its original state. So I took a deep breath in, exhaled and pressed on as if I was tagging a New York City subway for millions to see! 

For added dimension I took a frame my husband brought home and removed the glass/ staples and hung it around the chalkboard paint. I also hung a vintage mailbox I got from Hobby Lobby over the weekend, to help organize Martin’s paperwork (he’s a hoarded) lol:). 

When the boys woke up and went downstairs this morning directly from Mason’s mouth (dramatic pauses and all) “WOOWWW; that is SOOO COOOOOL” 💙👦🏽👦🏽!!! Made me feel good. Even though I didn’t have everything I needed, the biggest thing was painters tape (free handed the lines). Nevertheless, I think it came out pretty well, because my son said so😜! #oww