The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: The Ice Cream Thieves

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to set the scene if you will…

Monday morning I traveled to the grocery store in order to get food in my house in preparing for Hurricane Irma. I carefully selected items for dinners and even a snack for my munchkins (lemonade icees). And for myself, after careful weighing of multiple options, I choose this wonderfulness below:

Doesn’t the name alone ooze marvelousness?

Audience Imagine letting that ice cream sit in your freezer for a day. And preparing your mouth after a long, draining day at the office for this piece of heavenly goodness only to find this when you open the container:

Do you understand the specturm of emotions I experienced all within .5 seconds? DO YOU? Perplexed, Anger, Hurt, Sadness, grabbling with the thoughts of beating my kids (I didn’t, but I did think about it) then the Empty VOID set in.

How did my husband allow these children to eat my beautiful ice cream that I was planning on consummating my love with tonight? Why would these two little monsters deprive me of the peace of heaven I had prepared my taste buds for? WHHHHYYY?

I am their mother I was pregnant with them for 38 weeks and 5 days. I threw up every single day (and I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY) in my pregnancy. I had pups and suffered a heart arrhythmia. How dare they take this away from me?

Tell me WHERE IS THE Justice? WHERE IS THE Justice?