Niv’s Notables: Show Me

God Show me!!! SHOW ME how to stop wasting time, so I don’t waste another year of my life in relationships I was never suppose to be in. Show me, YOUR plan for my life, so I don’t have to chase things that don’t matter, that don’t stretch me, that don’t elevate me, that’s just NOT ME.

Show me…ME! Father, don’t allow me to waste another 12 months fishing or walking around in darkness. Let this be the year I WIN! Let this be the year that I get it Alllllllll back! Let this be year that I live in the BLESSED position! Let this be my year of ridding myself of DISTRACTIONS.

Oh yeah! This is my year!! I got my swagger back, my praise back and my purpose back. Let’s go God let’s go get my stuff back!!! I WIN this YEAR, I WIN, I WIN!!!

Niv’s Notables: Prayer

Dear God,
Today grant them the wisdom to be significant, prosperous and have longevity in their careers. God allow them Godly influence wherever they go. Decrease their fleshly desires and increase their spiritual mind. Lord, keep them humble and completely used by you. Thank you in advance…Amen

Niv’s Notables: Weathering the Storm

Actualizing greatness will cost you people, places and things. The price is so high that many opt out and embrace normalcy. But those who understand that they were born for greatness and choose to weather the storms of transition and change, will experience a limitless and unfathomable existence. #GOBEGREAT