Sensual Saturdays’ Quote of the Day

“I knew as a human being we all have these things and we never really want to tell the truth because we’re supermen – in our own eyes – to the people we want to love us. It was just a nudge. “Hey man, I’m going to push you to say it.” ~ No I.D. via Rolling Stone (click here for full article)

🔑 Words to Live by: Smile (feat. Gloria Carter)

“Living in the shadow, can you imagine what kind of life it is to live? In the shadows people see you as happy and free because thats what you want them to see. Living two lives, happy but not free. You live in the shadows for fear of someone hurting your family or the person you love. The world is changing and they say its time to be free but you live with the fear of just being me. Living in the shadow feels like the safe place to be no harm for them no harm for me but life is short and its time to be free love who you love because life isn’t guaranteed: Smile.

~ Gloria Carter

#notea #noshade. Article of the Week: Why I Don’t F*#k With People All Like That Anymore Via Lisa al la mode

A while ago I asked God to “remove people from my life and to prune” and I must say it has been a painful season. Sometimes I look around and I am standing by myself in many of my relationships. And I have to remind myself, self this is what you asked for. Be still. However, the second part of my prayer was “ready for me all that you have purposed in and for me and only surround me with people who truly love me and will do me no harm. ”

I happened to stumble upon this wonderful article and Baaaaabby when I tell you this is a great read. I could not formulate my thoughts and feelings anymore articulately. Thank you Lisa! 

💎 Gems to take Away:

🔑”…that’s the great thing about friends: you choose them. And if and when those relationships no longer align with who and where you are in life, you are under no obligation to continue them.”

🔑”If it’s over, we’re not going to talk about it. I’ll let you go with light and love, and hope that perhaps in the future we’ll be on the same page again. #notea #noshade.”

🔑”I’m not at the point in my life where I want to teach people how to love me.” (Only my husband, sorry, not sorry 😐)

🔑”Life is seasonal. You can be on the same page as someone for years and years, and then your life takes a different turn and you become like strangers. It happens, and it’s no one’s fault. Having lived through enough seasons, I believe in always keeping the door open for seasonal changes. As long as the person hasn’t exhibited deviant behavior, I’m always happy to reconnect years later.”

🔑”If the vibe ain’t quite right today, I’m okay with acknowledging that fact, and letting the universe or God decide our future.”

🔑”My self-care is paramount to any relationship I have. I will not continue to or engage in a relationship that threatens my own emotional well-being. It’s up to me to decide what that may be, and no one should be mad about it.”

🔑”People are assholes, myself included. We’re all wrapped up in our own shit and folks gotta get in where they fit in.”

Read the entire article here:

Why I Don’t F*#k With People All Like That Anymore

Words to Encourage 

“Don’t feel guilty for deciding not to entertain abuse. 
Don’t feel guilty for not knowing how to leave abuse. ” ~ By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor