Living the Dream

Today I packed boxes of food for 100 hungry families in need. It gave me the chance to really think about how blessed I am and have been in life. Here I am, at the tender age of 25, healthy with a healthy family. We have food and a home to shelter us from this weekend rain. We can afford such luxuries as 2 cars, health insurance, cell phones, cable, and many other things that allow us to live  “the good life.” And while I may not have accomplished all of my goals and dreams, today I realized that I’m living out somebody’s dream.

I mean, think about it. Immigrants come to this country in droves for a better life.  And very seldom do the majority of us  take the time to appreciate the simple things. Very seldom do we help out those that are living our nightmares. Take just a moment, right now, to thank God for the little things, the things you didn’t realize you were taking for granted.

I know I have a lot to be thankful for. Not only do I have the aforementioned luxuries, but I also have an abundance of love and support. I was able to leave my child with his father while I went to serve the community. I returned home to a man playing with his son; happily and voluntarily spending quality time with his child. At that very moment I paused and I smiled; thankful that I’m not in a custody battle, that we don’t have an estranged and hostile relationship because of parenting. Whew! I could go on and on for days…but I will spare you.

But I had to share these thoughts to motivate you to take a moment of thanks. And to realize, even through all of your hustle and hard work to succeed and reach your goals, you’re already living out someone’s dream. That’s something to smile about :-).

Random Thoughts on Love and Relationships

Love and Other Things     Love is perhaps the hardest thing to find in its most genuine form in today’s society. Some may find that “real thing” early on in life, whereas others may spend a lifetime trying to obtain it. Nowadays there are so many types of love and ways in which people define it. Love used to be in its simplest form, pure and unwarranted, however it seems that one must have a recipe in order to reach the ultimate phase of being completely and utterly in love with someone. The issue is that, there is always at least one ingredient missing that ultimately hinders the perfect batch of love from being created.

     I like to deem myself a hopeless romantic, and therefore I have an idea of what love is based on my own notions and experiences, and one thing I’ve learned is that sometimes our concepts of love are not always practical. Love shouldn’t be painful but worth fighting for, it shouldn’t be hard to obtain but also it shouldn’t easily be replaceable, most importantly love shouldn’t be practical, but it should be spontaneous and full of thought and excitement. People seem to fall out of love rather quickly in today’s society, and love can quickly turn into hate. Passion is perhaps the most intense component of love. Without passion, love loses its spark and ultimately begins to fizzle away.

      I’ve seen lasting love, as many of us have at some point in our lives. My grandparents were married for 52 years, my grandfather passed away four days before their 53rd anniversary. So I know that everlasting and chivalrous love still exists, I’m just waiting for my turn. I believe that it is still possible to have a “until death do us part” type of love. Therefore, I’m waiting remaining patient and in the mean time working on other aspects of my life that will one day prepare me for the man who is perfect for me.

     Ultimately, there are so many ways in which the dynamic and concept of love have changed, and yes, sometimes I begin to lose hope, but something always happens to restore my faith (I read a book, hear a story, watch a movie, attend a wedding). I may not know the day or the hour, but I have a great feeling that the man whom is right for me is out here in the world being prepared for me as I am for him….

     Here are a few questions I would like to pose for you to think about in regard to love and relationships…

  • What has changed in society over the last 60 years, why are marriages failing so quickly?
  • Have we become highly influenced by the media and it’s idea of love and relationships?
  • Do we still have the same regard for monogamy?
  • Do we as a society still value and respect the institution of marriage as per say our grandparents and parents?


See I’m so far gone

I’m the one it’s raining on

 So distant from reality

Is this calm

Or is it darkness

Here read my palm

I wonder do you see me

Really do you see me?

The Burden that I carry

Feels like the cross

My thoughts race

Chest burns, Heartache

I’m the furthest thing from calm

Niv’s Notables: Oozing in GREATNESS

I mentor college students specifically, young ladies in my spare time. I’m always so intrigued at their response when I ask them “What do you need to do to become the best version of yourself and do you want to be successful or significant?” The responses they give. They vary from graduating from college to finding a husband and I want to become successful in the process. What often baffles me is that they never think of finding their inner peace or greatness within themselves prior to obtaining all of these “things”. The question then becomes do you want to be a major bust or a minor success? That question always gets strange looks. They do not understand that it is not enough to just to be successful you have to be GREAT!

Greatness is that one thing that everyone strives for but seldom achieve. When you decide that you’re going to chase GREATNESS, that means your value on being significant outweighs your desire to be successful. GREATNESS will always empower others, GREATNESS attracts GREATNESS and GREATNESS is almost never polite. For example, when God decided to flex his muscle and create the Heavens and the Earth; he didn’t do it in a polite manner; he DEMANDED for birds to chirp and eagles to fly!

GO BE GREAT, GO DEMAND some things in your life; because when you’re well behaved seldom will you make herSTORY. After all herSTORY is only herSTORY because GREATNESS made it so.

I’ll Holla!!!

When Mom’s Away the Boys Will…Not Play?


People say that babies can smell when their mothers walk into the room. I’ve tried to research this for factual proof, but so far it seems to just be an old wives’ tale, which Wikipedia says are usually unverified. I’ve had a few opportunities to test out this tale, and so far I see why it’s been passed down for so long.

I have been blessed with a companion that understands the need for “me time.” On several occasions during our 2 months as parents he’s encouraged me to get out of the house and just do me. I was a little apprehensive at first. Would it make me a bad mother to leave my 1 month old child for my own fun? Would I even be able to leave as a breastfeeding mom? I thought having kids meant every outing was now a family outing. I was not expecting to taste freedom so soon. Where would I go? What would I do? How would my guys handle it?

I spent my first taste of freedom indulging in the mall. After all of the prep work of making bottles, pumping milk, changing clothes, and making sure daddy had everything he needed, I left the house on a super exciting high. Of course as a new parent I was drawn to all the kid stores. I spent more money on my son than I did on myself. I was gone for a total of 3 hours, but not without checking in several times. When I arrived at the mall my fiancee sent a picture of my son asleep. No big deal; he’s just napping; he’ll be up in about an hour, an hour and a half tops. I began my shopping and later received another picture message. My son had been moved from sleeping in my fiancee’s arms to sleeping in his crib. I took a break in the food court, but I still had some more shopping to do.

About 3 hours after my departure I finally headed home. I called my fiancee and was told “yeah he’s still sleep.” Shaking my head I responded “okay, I’m almost home.”

I walked in the house and quietly headed upstairs to my son’s room. I was excited to show the goodies I got. As soon as I stepped into my son’s room he started to squirm, his signature ” I’m waking up” move. ” He smelled you” my fiancee tells me. I couldn’t believe it! He slept the entire time I was gone and woke up as soon as I got home.

Since then I’ve been out a few more times without my son and the story remains the same. He’s asleep by the time I get to my destination and wakes up upon my return.

So I guess it’s true what they say, babies have a unique sense of smell for their mothers. That’s so uncool because when I do get up the nerve to leave him with a sitter I want to get my monies worth!!