Post-Baby Summer Beach Body

So my honey wanted to take a vacation to the beautiful beaches of Florida this summer. My first thought, “oh sh*t! what will my body look like in a bathing suit now???!!!???” LOL

I’ve never had the “perfect beach body” but I could work it enough to shed the extra layers and enjoy the beach in proper attire. But after I had my son my body did something strange. My stomach got bigger my legs got smaller and everything fits differently.

So I figured a bikini was OUT OF THE QUESTION! I began looking for stylish beach wear that would hide the postpartum bulge but not make me look like my mother on the beach (no offense mom, you’re beautiful and I love you!). I’ve looked at one pieces, monokinis, and then I came across a high-waisted bikini. “Hmmm” I thought. This could work. I like the high-waisted skirt look so I could pull this off and most importantly it hides my post-baby bump. My honey said they look like “granny panties.” LOL What do you think?

high-waisted bikini blue high-waisted bikini blackhigh-waisted bikini turquoise striped one piece front striped one piece back monokini lace frontmonokini lace back