Mo’s Weight Loss Journal

I did not have a great start, not even a good start. I worked out once last week, and I ate what I wanted, sweets included. Not a lot of sweets for the normal person not pursuing a weight loss goal, but a lot of sweets for someone trying to get slim. And I slept in instead of getting up to workout. But the guilt has built up and I am now ready to do better. I just finished my Monday morning workout. And I feel better about myself.

I haven’t weighed myself this morning, yet. But last night before bed I was 139.8. So no result yet, of course because there was no true commitment. But this week will be different. I promise (to you and to myself).

Mo’s Weight Loss Journal

Hi, my name is Monique and I’m addicted to sweets and bread.

No seriously. I’m starting a weight loss journal. This will help to hold me accountable for the weight loss goals I’ve set. I want to lose 20lbs in 3 months. I have a trip to Dominican Republic in June and I want a beach body that’s pleasing to the eye.

I’ve been wanting to slim down for as long as I can remember , but I guess I never took it seriously. Plus, everyone around me told me I was small and looked alright. But I’m serious this time. I’ve had a baby so my body looks a little different. And my tummy is bigger than it was before. So that’s what I’m going to focus on. My tummy and my waist.

My initial plan is to work out 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri), do yoga on the alternative days (Tues, Thu), and weekends are my freebies. I usually go walking with the dog on weekends so I’ll still get some activity in. But this plan can (and probably will) change throughout this journey. As of right now I don’t have a solid eating plan. I just know I need to cut back a great deal on the sweets, the bread, the snacking, etc. I’ll eat more fruits, veggies, the good stuff. I’m sure as my journey continues I will adopt a better defined eating plan.

So come along with me. Help keep me encouraged and I’ll keep you updated. I’m starting this journey out with the following stats:

Day 1: March 4, 2014 — Weight: 139.6